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There was also no criminal intent when you got arrested to begin with.

You sound pretty smart, but jesus christ you are a complete dumbass.

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If they want to be REALLY clever, they could call them Cimoleons.

I hope they did not call them Cimoleons.

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These are what we like to call "people who had way too much protein while suffering from phenylketonuria"

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What tools exactly are there for modding? The video and the wiki page only really show off in-game "editors", but not really "tools". Is there a way to easily export and import textures? To set them as random variants?

There's a duplex with a red roof and a black roof that is in every single screenshot of the game and hte first thing I want to do is

  1. Default replace it to a less obviously stand-out texture

  2. Create variations on it so that it's less obvious overall

Is this possible with little knowledge of modding? Other games simply have export/import functions for these things.

Edit: Also, what sort of .ini file modifications are there? Does the game have a graphics ini file we can modify? Does it have one that determines the max number of chunks we can buy and whatnot?