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Does being a reviewer cause you to be more brand loyal or more willing to try out different things?

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What is the real worst case scenario predicts for 10, 25 and 50 years from now?

The current reports seem waaaaaayyy to mild but everything seems to be point in to the extreme worst case

  1. What is the best place to move if you want snow in the winter and temps below 70 in summer?

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I've never had a problem speaking on stage, but the more I get to know someone the harder it gets to talk to them. What's up with that?

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This isn’t really a question... but you should check out Detroit:become human

Do you think there is a possibility of making cyborg parts, say cyborg arms and legs that transfer “pain” information to the rest of the biological body?

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How do we help the women free themselves of slavery in that country?