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Is the Indian food because a large proportion of the crew are Indian?

I was reading about Carnival's plan to repatriate crew by literally sailing their ships all over the world, since there are no flights available. I was surprised by the large number going to Mumbai.

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From a passenger perspective:

  • Old, basic terminals that are overcrowded and poorly maintained (though some are being rebuilt)
  • poor runway / taxiway layout that causes delays on the air side (which is exacerbated by the proximity of JFK and Newark)
  • poor ground connections to the rest of NYC - no subway or train nearby; highways always congested
  • New Yorkers aren’t really known for their courtesy and politeness, so you don’t feel too welcome

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Yep I did this recently, I just got on a random rental car shuttle and then got the Uber from the rental lot. Worked well.

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Nags Head, NC to Memphis TN is 938 miles and only two states. Similar for Trenton, GA to Key West, FL at 955 miles. Grand Forks ND to Butte MT clocks in at 900 miles and only those two states. There are a lot of big states out there.

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Guys it's a joke don't downvote him to oblivion because you don't get it.