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This sounds a lot like some of the things I've gone through fighting anxiety and intrusive thoughts. Overthinking things, a lot of the time. What makes them psychotic thoughts, compared to anxiety/ocd/intrusive thoughts? Sorry I'm just not that familiar with it.

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Hello Cassie. I would like to say I am very curious about your project, but as an MRA I must admit I'm a bit distrusting of the media in general. Even so, I have made an effort to share your kickstarter campaign and donated a little bit, but also changed my pledge several times out of doubt more than anything.

I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, especially after having seen the trailer and read some of your articles etc. But having been heavily involved in a lot of online discussion on men's issues over the past few years ever since the Eliot Roger case, and having seen a lot of media coverage of men's issues and the MR movement, I have a hard time trusting "the media", which you now represent.

So perhaps hearing it from you personally will bring more comfort.

What was your goal from the start of this documentary? And has that goal changed over time, as you came in contact with more and more people? How has this impacted your views? And what, if anything, do you think (and hope) the impact of it will be on society or the gender wars/gender debate in the nereby future?

Thank you.

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Oh that only applies to women's issues. When it comes to women's issues, we can focus on more issues at the same time. Several groups can organize campaigns, both in the real world and on social media. They can write tons of articles and get them published on all the big media sources without a problem.

But when it comes to men's issues... Well we first have to take down the ever elusive patriarchy, which we have been fighting for decades, and then and only then all men's issues will magically be solved!!!

Or you know you can create your own men's groups to fight for those issues. [DISCLAIMER! BY DOING SO YOU WILL BE BRANDED A MISOGYNISTIC HATE GROUP] But don't worry, feminists fight for men's rights too! [DISCLAIMER! ONLY THE MOST TRIVIAL OF MEN'S ISSUES THAT ALSO AFFECT WOMEN]

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Thanks for taking the time to answer. You have indeed reassured me through your comments throughout this topic. I really appreciate the effort, and do hope the Kickstarter campaign is succesful. I've also increased my plegde again. It sounds like a very fascinating journey to witness, and I wonder if it reflects my own. Good luck!