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At the time, back in 2005, doctors knew very little about the specific type of tumor I had. I was told when I was diagnosed that only 3 other people globally had even ever been diagnosed with a pilomyxoid astrocytoma. All of them only lived about a year or 2 after diagnosis. Doctors had no idea why my surgery and treatment was so successful (I only did radiation therapy, never had to do chemo, because the radiation worked)

The hospital sent my tumor off to be studied and they continued giving me regular MRI scans every year up until just now. I finished my final MRI checkup this year.

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They didn't ask "what is your last wish?" They asked several questions. Such as, "Who is your favorite actor?" And "What place would you want to visit most?" - No mention of "death", "before you die", or "last wish" was made.

At the time, my favorite actor was Will Smith and yes, Hawaii was a place I really wanted to visit. They ask several questions so they can have multiple options on a wish to grant. Like if they couldn't make Hawaii work, they may have seen if I could meet Will Smith or something

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I don't remember

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Short term memory loss. All my long term memory is fine. I can tell you anything about my past, but may not remember your name after meeting you or what I had for breakfast or why I called you.

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I named my cat, 'Portugal. The Cat'