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I have a friend that is an albino Asian, and as a kid, I never knew he was albino (since I didn't know what that was) so I was confused when I saw his mom and sister.

My questions are:

Do people think you were adopted if they see you around your family?

How bad is your vision?

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Why saber?:)

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Just curious, I have biweekly contacts, and I barely wear them, would it be all right to wear them even though a month has passed since I've opened the pack?

Also, are there dailies for eyes in the -7.5/-8.5 range with bad astigmatism in both eyes?

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Is there plans of bringing back a UI exclusively for tablets like there was on Jellybean? I own a N10 and I really liked the UI for tablets on Jellybean but am not very happy with the current UI in the later releases.

Also, thank you for the amazing job on the Pixel C. I really like the keyboard.