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When I was doing my ER clinical rotation, I came up with the idea for a benzo mister for the waiting room. I think everyone would be happier that way.

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Had to Google it real quick cause I had to know.

Seems to be an online thing where people show off their Every Day Carry gear/pocket dumps...I think? Guns, tactical lights, knives, some dude packs a tourniquet in case he loses a limb. It's like the nerdy younger brother of the prepper scene.

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Hey Professor, appreciate the AMA. A couple of questions:


1) Just from my own thoughts banging around in my head and observations I've made during the pandemic, do you see the pause our society went through and the economic downturn effecting the psychology behind materialism? It seems the American "push for more no matter what" mind state took a eating and I think I'm seeing some consequences of that.


2) I'm a current medical student and we get inundated with so many studies that it's overwhelming. Trying to practice evidence based medicine is really hard in an atmosphere that prioritizes publishing with little regard to quality. Do you ha e ways of navigating that I could apply to my day to day?


Thanks again.

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Yeah, you're probably right on the materialism thing. I'm just hoping for a paradigm shift, our culture seems so...empty sometimes.
Thanks for the tip. We're educated in study statistics but it's real easy to get caught up in just the results section and ignore issues with a study. Thanks for your time.