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How are posts ranked? Any system introduces different incentives, some good some bad, do you see any bad incentives arising from your system (non-ad based) and how do believe the community or the platform can deal with that?

E.g. to narrow down the topic, a system that 100% community determined and zero profit-seeking distortions may still cause problems. For example, if you rank topics depending on network or "this person viewed this and that" it easily can generate cliques and bubbles. Do you have plans to maybe break such bubbles, perhaps a quasi "fairness doctrine" that makes two communities that are distant enough see eachother, maybe even an "alternative viewpoint sidebar"?

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With a name like that, I'd put my signature at the end of everything!

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Think encryption

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Do you have any opinions or reflections on how the media (not just news but TV and Hollywood) affects the perception of Iraqi's (or Arabs in general) in the eyes of American and Western public?