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Is it true that soldiers are told to look the other way in regards to the practice of Bacha Bazi, aka normalized pedophilia in Afghanistan?

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Why aren't people allowed to stop it?

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Fuck their culture. Cultural relativism is bullshit, and if your culture rapes kids as tradition, well, I'd be hard-pressed to not support the destruction of it.

If those people are our "Allies", I'd hate to see who the fuckin' enemy is.

What would the punishment have been for attempting to stop it?

Has anyone ever been fragged for that shit?

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Fuck, and I thought it was bad dealing with the Vietnamese and ARVN, but atleast they weren’t culturally engaged in child molestation. Not claiming to be a Vet by the way, just to clear it up, I just read a lot of books on ‘Nam.

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What really happened at Jonestown, and why was CIA chief Richard Dwyer there during the death tape?

Jim Jones refers to him by name, and tells his cultists to "Get Dwyer out of here before anything happens to him.".