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Is it true that soldiers are told to look the other way in regards to the practice of Bacha Bazi, aka normalized pedophilia in Afghanistan?

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Why aren't people allowed to stop it?

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"He would go around to pet shelters, and adopt as many animals as he could, claiming he was going to need a pet for each of his mansions. Instead, he put them all in his car, fed a hose from his exhaust through the window, and put a brick on the pedal. The gleam in his eyes was terrifying. I think he achieved orgasm."

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Fuck their culture. Cultural relativism is bullshit, and if your culture rapes kids as tradition, well, I'd be hard-pressed to not support the destruction of it.

If those people are our "Allies", I'd hate to see who the fuckin' enemy is.

What would the punishment have been for attempting to stop it?

Has anyone ever been fragged for that shit?

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What gives you the right to call any one to the right of Chairman Mao a troll? Seems to me like you’re just another leftist trying to justify censorship and pushing political correctness.