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Thanks mudah

  1. It will expand natural gas exports and fracking
  2. It will allow corporations to attack climate and enviro policies in private trade tribunals.
  3. It will put more pressure on scarce natural resources.

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Thanks jpmerz. Our favorite question!

Call your member of Congress, right now, and tell them not to fast-track the TPP. Fast track would remove the ability of Congress to ensure that TPP protects the environment, jobs and communities.

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Hi everyone. Thanks for joining. Yes, the TPP is really that dangerous. We should be moving forward and strengthening protection for the environment (and jobs, and human rights, etc) through our trade negotiations, not weakening them. And we expect the Obama Administration to do much, much better.

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Great question gogodef. Here's what I'd say. First, we have the evidence from NAFTA and the effect has been terrible on the environment (and jobs). Communities all across the nation and all across TPP countries to make sure we don't have another NAFTA. We have allies in Congress - and we're determined to win this time around.

Will you join us?

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Hi consumeradvocacy. Thanks for your support! Yes, the Sierra Club has plans to increase our presence in Canada, and also to partner with our much larger operations here in the US. One thing we'll be doing over the next year is fighting other proposed tar sands development projects - rail terminals, other pipelines, financing, etc.