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Any advice on forming a bond with a timid and traumatized dog? I adopted him a year ago; he was a street dog for most of his life though I don't know how he survived on his own as he is scared of everything in the world. He seems happy when I feed him but otherwise scared of everything I do, even if all I do is get up from the couch or look at him. I just can't seem to get past his fears.

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Thank you. We will keep trucking along; he is quite a character when he forgets to be afraid. Although just for grooming sake, I wish there was a shortcut.

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Thank you. I did read it all. I have had dogs for 25 years, all rescued, but none like him. Thankfully one of my other dogs has helped build up his confidence around the house, but with people, myself included not much significant progress. Just tiny baby steps, he comes and sniffs me when he thinks I am not looking at him. He will take a treat from my hand now. But if I stand up from the couch, he starts to cry; if I look at him, he stands up and hides; when I open the door for him to go out, he will circle the living room almost zoomies speed and bark until I leave the doorway. More like he's training me.