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What do you think a good solution is? You can't FORCE them to lease right of way from BNSF (or force BNSF to lease it to RTD). They most assuredly can't purchase additional ROW to build the rest of the route out (especially since BNSF won't sell it and that's the route they promised). Should they give all the money back? I mean, it shouldn't be ALL the money, though, right? Since everyone voted to fund multiple projects? So maybe figure out what percentage of revenue was expected to pay for the B line and refund only that amount? Would that be enough?

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It's so weird how everyone reacts so differently. I have been prescribed them a few times (two c-sections, broken foot, lumpectomy) and I cannot stand them. They just make me sleepy. No euphoria or happiness or anything, just an overpowering need to be asleep.

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I have this issue with my right ear. It's so weird I'm not even sure how to describe it. It's like it pops in and out periodically, sometimes while eating, sometimes while doing nothing. It doesn't hurt, but it makes noises sound different (like I can hear my blood flowing and my breathing gets very loud - it's somewhat similar to pressure build up do to elevation change, but not exactly). I believe it's tympani tensor syndrome, but I don't know. When I read about that it doesn't really seem to match the sounds I'm hearing. How could I get this diagnosed when it doesn't happen all the time? How can we describe sounds no one else can hear? And how do you diagnose things based on people's terrible descriptions of what they feel/hear?

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I recently read about your project. I appreciate your dedication to this, as it is becoming clear that we need test and trace to achieve any level of normalcy. My question is: It appears that the majority of the tracing proposals/programs depend on our cell phones, which may lead to long term privacy issues. I read about workers on construction sites using bluetooth "dongles" to trace and I wondered if it would be possible to do something similar on a larger, more global scale? This would allow us to throw the dongles away when no longer required and no longer be tracked in any way.