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I commented to you before. Asked about social media and not having it in todays dating scene. You gave some great advice. I started taking pictures of me doing my hobbies/living life. I don't take offense to women asking for social accounts because 9/10 it's a safety check.

Thanks again. And so my post doesn't get removed, how have you been?

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Oh ya. Average is probably 60k. Bad is 30k. Great is 100k plus

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Hey Ruby. I appreciate you taking the time to do this. If a guy doesn't have Facebook, Instagram, social media, is that a red flag? Do women actually care if i have a social media presence? Is this a trait that is only predominant in women under 30?

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Thanks for doing what you do. Keep up the great work

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Dude fuck selfies. Take pictures if you actually doing things. Ask a stranger to take the pic. It's more genuine that way. Selfies feel forced.