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  1. Do you guys have any plans to change the game (of binge watching movies/series) further after already taking a huge chunk of the pie yourself? If don't want to reveal, a simple Yes or No (with brief explanation, if possible) would work too. 😬
  2. Any plans on collaborating with your competitors (Amazon, Disney, HBO) in the future? Or you believe your company has what it takes to keep the large chunk of pie in this industry for many several years?
  3. How hard it was for you to keep up your head and move forward after you were rejected by big companies like Blockbuster? After tackling the company which laughed at you before, did you get arrogant? I know these are ALOT of questions, please answer if possible. Thanks.

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How much hard work have you had to put in to reach the level you are on? And what is the one thing you learned and would advice to someone else?

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Thank you for replying πŸ˜ƒ

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This will really help meπŸ’―