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It explains the physiology behind Atkins - and other similar diets.

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My husband swore he could not live without toast. Then he saw me drop a dress size in a month & decided maybe he could eat sausages for breakfast after all.

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My metabolic markers are all immaculate. Boringly so & I am afraid to say they were before I went low carb. I could do without reynauds disease, a broken back & needing iron transfusions despite eating all the meat, but I am not sure going full carnivore can fix even those things. Of course I’m not happy with my weight. I’m a woman! But yes. I’l experiment. Thank you.

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Well yes. It’s obv up to me. I just wondered what people thought & why.

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I’m not a type 2 diabetic. I don’t use insulin. I am just thinking about reducing the amount of insulin my body produces.