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Shrimpbeedoo254 karma

You know at first I was like "Who the fuck is this guy?" After seeing that photo. I want you on vikings. Mr. Fimmel make this happen.

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Step one: invest in a dance track of George w Bush saying nuclear

Step two: play it once every four hours and while that song is playing drinks are buy one get one 1/2 half off

Step three: I dunno but this seems like a good idea after the second time around with that song

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I'll pick your book up and give it a read. I love me a good mystery.

Did you do any research for the role on NCIS with the Coroner/Medical Examiner or something similar?

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...I mean...it's a nicer way of saying go the fuck away than just having the stalls close up and the workers saying "were closed. Get the fuck out"

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I hope you know that man has to pay taxes on that brownie point.

You've bankrupted him through good intentions