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This American Butt Hosted by Ira Ass

That title. Those titles. You have so many awesome titles. You're a god.

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You didn't think this through. If aliens are not humanoid, how can Commander Riker or Captain Kirk sleep with them?

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Kind of funny and sad because she mentioned that in regards to Russia they are allowed to carry colors of their own flag and even race essentially under their own national name even though officially their nation isn't participating due to being banned for mass doping and cheating, but that same allowance is never allowed for any Taiwanwse athletes.

The Olympics committee also made Beijing promise to do a lot of things regarding human rights but in the end we all know the result, despite breaking that promise badly, Beijing was awarded the 2022 Winter Olympics.

In effect the Olympics committee is rewarding brutal authoritarian nations while punishing the democratic ones with good human rights.

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And to add to that, Beijing cheated a lot and also gets a slap on the wrist and despite breaking its human rights agreements in 2008, it was awarded with the Winter Olympics for 2022.

Note how she's not really been actually responding to any of the difficult questions, this feels more like a PR attempt than a genuine effort at answering any difficult questions.

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The ship description in the novels and the set design looks very different from the description in the books. In fact my biggest disappointment was how huge the knight was, and how big the rocinante was interior wise.

But it would be super expensive.

I also want to say, thank you for making a more realistic future for us in terms of space ships. May we one day look at spaceships that are horizontal like cruise ships as hilariously out of place as spaceships that we see portrayed in the late 1800's.