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Shoreywireless2 karma

Fantastic project! Do you folks envision building the hyperstructures with an in house construction team? Contracting that portion out? A bit of both? Also wondering if you envision passengers having internet/cellular wireless connectivity during the ride. If so, what kind of network infrastructure could provide that given the limitations caused by high speed and enclosure in a steel tube?

Shoreywireless1 karma

Casey- That all sounds excellent and like some of the most exciting and enjoyable of all possible construction projects coming down the pike! I specialize in challenging construction projects, mainly cellular wireless sites, and I've been watching the career page on a near daily basis for ways in. So far I've applied for various construction management roles as they seem to be the closest fit to my skill set. Is there a current job role opening that I should apply to help bring internet to the hypertubes? Thanks!