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I have a disability myself and because of what I went through, I discovered my passion. I work in film and through my work I have met quite some extraordinary people. Most recently I met a rapper who stutters. It's quite a great story, because how he describes it, the reason he now is a wordsmith, is that growing up he had to find synonyms for words when he was stuck. This greatly increased his vocabulary and allowed him to look at language and words in a more creative way. I was wondering how you, since your disability and passion seem to be linked in some way, feel think about how you might have been different if you didn't have hemimelia. Do you think you would have been a track and field athlete? Do you think that the difficulty you might have had in your early life made you more resilient and more focussed on what you could achieve with your life?

Btw, I found you and Tara's youtube a while back while researching a script I want to write about a Paralympian and I think what you guys are doing is great! It's great to get an insight into what it is like to be an amputee without it being all inspirational-y, just frank and real. Thanks!

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Achterhoek is in het oosten maat.

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I got a similar story. I'm L3 so quite a bit lower, but I studied psychology and neuroscience and it helped me understand my body and my reaction to the injury. Wheelchair basketball taught me how to be confident and comfortable in a wheelchair.

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Dunno why you are downvoted, but you are 100% right.