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You folks ever hide things in your drawings that would get you in trouble if you were ever caught? Any examples or stories you'd care to share?

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This is why on top of calling, you need to be voting in every single election. Period. Make them fear this issue.

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That made me tear up a bit. I hope to find a woman as sweet as you someday. Sounds like he had a good reason to be so complementary to you. You were a keeper.

You're husband clearly deserves his reputation.

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they are scientists in semantics alone. Desperate for any slight inconsistency and then highlighting the one misworded phrase as the holy grail. it is run through the blog drivel that is associated with wattsupwiththat and the likes and at the end of the day, under the surface it's all uneducated babbling from madmen and paid endorsements.

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He can talk about other instances of things he didn't do.