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Really? That's what we do. My work schedule is completely flexible. It's nice if you make yourself available during business hours in case people need to ask you questions but otherwise no one cares when you come in as long as you get your work done. It's fairly typical in engineering and especially coding jobs.

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That's a fine. We don't need to force people into careers they're not interested in, but we do need to remove cultural barriers that interested people do face. I do face barriers as a female mechanic, carpenter, stone Mason, and now engineer. Men do face barriers when entering the child care industry. And many people report failure to pursue careers they're interested in because they don't believe it's an option for them. I see the push for women in STEM as a way to encourage those who are naturally interested to pursue their interests. And I would love to see the same happen for men who are interested in psych, teaching, nursing, or child care.

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My heart is breaking.

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Those all sound like sexual assault to me. The fact that they happen commonly doesn't make them not assault. It just means that sexual assault is far more common than people may realize.

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Probably not sexual assault, but definitely assault. Just like a woman getting kicked or punched in a sexual organ would be assault. Either way, it's wrong and we should not hit or kick people anywhere. And yes, joking about violence can be very tasteless.

You're in this thread a lot asking questions like this that seem really disingenuous. It's like you want to discredit people who are speaking of sexual assault. Many of your comments are along the lines of, "oh yeah?? What about this?" And tend to be asking about sexual violence against men, as if the existence of sexual violence by women against men some how discredits sexual violence perpetrated against women by men.

This is not a men vs. women issue. This is perpetrators against survivors. Survivors of all genders. All people have the right to not have their bodies harmed by others. All individuals have the right to safety. No one in this thread has suggested otherwise, so you can probably stop asking these questions.