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Honestly, everyone pretty much expected this to be the case...

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Why should I try Merge Dragons?

Follow up: Will I be annoyed to death with offers to buy in-game extras?

I plan to check out your book series once I finish reading the one I am currently enjoying.

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I believe a better idea would be housing a data vault. Offer hosting services, with physical backup security on the side. Perhaps an idea for the silo area, as I would imagine it stays pretty cool in there.

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Yeah, I've used Uber three times now, and I must say it is pretty damned underwhelming. Oh well, I'm not too worried about the thin skinned fucktards that the internet proffers.

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What is your favorite film that you did not work on? Why?

I know that you designed the NORAD command center in Wargames. Were you allowed to source any of your design ideas from real locations, or was it mostly your imagination? Were there any other pieces of the Wargames set that you designed?