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It's important to remember that UNU is not a machine - UNU is a statistical representation of a small group of people, rather like Reddit.

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I guess UNU is not cognizant of any potential federal litigation entanglements that could potentially remove Clinton from play.

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Of the 7,500 instances the Baker Act has been invoked, can you say how many times were legitmate and intended use cases? Is this law being abused in the majority of cases or just a select few instances where some fine tuning of the law would help prevent it?

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Much better. I'd still fight them all to make my point, but that statement is at least accurate :)

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Appreciate the candor. It's certainly a frightening scenario. You expect errors in any bureaucracy, and those are scary enough on their own, but to prevent professionals from taking part in the evaluation does seem to invite this kind of abuse.

Thanks for bringing this practice to light - I hope it has a positive impact on policy going forward.