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Shipleaves25 karma

Hi Jenn, I'd love to understand how your teachings manifest inside a workplace, i.e. how do your teachings end up being implemented by your customers?

  • Is it a change in processes (e.g. change how meetings run, establish an onboarding process, etc.)?
  • Do you try to make a change in individuals and encourage them to share and spread these ideas (a new mindest, outlook, techniques for dealing with stress)?
  • Is it a set of resources (trainings, worksheets, toolkits, etc.) that circulate throughout the workforce?
  • Is it a structure that incentivizes a happier culture (e.g. reward/promote happy people or people that make others happy)?
  • Is it something else?

Lastly, who drives these changes? Is it management, individuals (grassroots), a combination, or something else (e.g. HR)?