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But are used to make magical swords right?

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I have been there before and once I truly realized the food I was eating made me feal bad I was able to break my plateau and keep it off. Before I never made that connection which lead me back to the fast food.

Now I don't have any desire for it. Best of luck to you. For reference I am 34 and lost 74 pounds with diet and exercise over several months.

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This is where I really struggle. I can't stick with a gym routine more than a couple of months. I do little things like take the stairs and park far away. Also try to walk on lunch but i know my next step is a regular exercise routine. I just haven't made that connection in my mind that working out equals a healthier me. How did you build up that initial motivation?

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This is very similar to how I lost my weight. I dropped 74 pounds with mostly diet and just a little bit of walking. A pound or two a week over the course of several months. You'll stall out and if you do it is because you are cheating too much or you need to up the exercise a little. That or eat strict and wait for the plateau to end.

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Aside from entertainment what is the value in lucid dreaming and training ones self to do so? I see mention of facing nightmares, so is it possible that lucid dreaming can be used as a form of therapy for those with issues with unhealthy dreams?

I ask because I would think that one would want to invest the time to address issues by means of traditional therapy. This could include talk therapy and medication etc. However I'm curious to know if there is any data that shows that lucid dreaming and its use in a therapeutic manner would surpass traditional treatment for nightmares, night terrors, and other such issues.