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What can people outside of the region do to help the people in Kashmir? Is there any reputable charity attempting to send generators and satellite dishes so people can continue to communicate, or food and medical aid? How bad are things currently in the region?

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How do you get into a compositional flow? I'm currently studying composition at university but can't seem to write more than 1-2 hours a day. I feel like I should be writing more but can't find focus or inspiration after a couple hours :(

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I'm a composition student about to start my master's degree in the fall. Everyone's telling me I'm going to have a difficult time getting solid commissions. Could you give any advice on how to best sell myself and my work? What tips do you have on how to get people to want you to compose for them? What's the industry like for composers?

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I had a friend who went into the navy. I had known him for years before he went in, and he was a genuinely sweet human being. When he came back last year and we got to meet up, I watched him get drunk and shout "Fuck the sand n******! We're gonna bomb em to hell!" I haven't talked to him since; he's not the person I grew up knowing anymore.

What in military culture pushes people to have such drastic and often xenophobic changes to their personality?