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ShineOnYouFatOldSun110 karma

So the effectiveness of the female contraceptive pill is 99.9%

What is the current effectiveness of the male contraceptive pill? Or is that data not currently known?

Does it sterilise or kill sperm cells somehow like preventing the production of sperm cells when the chemicals in the pill are metabolised?

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Thanks for replying, that’s all very interesting to know.

Based on that I guess your goal would be to match the efficacy of the female contraceptive pill by reducing concentrations of sperm in users to sub 3 million/mL?

I’m still curious how does this new male contraceptive reduce sperm concentrations, especially as each individual has a different baseline with some people having much much higher concentrations. I presume such people would need to take a stronger dose of the medicine to reduce their sperm levels compared to people with lower baseline concentrations?

And how does the medicine reduce sperm rates? Does it kill sperm cells or reduce production?

Thanks for sharing your findings and thanks for your research, this could be a major breakthrough in equality between the sexes!

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Has one of your cats got an inverted eye?? It looks really cool!

I'm obviously so glad you are safe and I'm hoping for the best outcome to the other survivors.