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Shifu_Hengxin28 karma

Try to make the right decisions. Always try hard. Never give up. It sounds simple but it is so hard to do.

Shifu_Hengxin28 karma

I think we have to follow the society we are living in. A long time ago no one had computers and now everyone uses them. Shaolin is all about adapting to new environments.

Shifu_Hengxin27 karma

  1. The peace of Buddhism and its philosophy relates to kung fu being used to strengthen the body for long hours of mediation. But kung fu was also used for good, for self defense during war and to protect the king. The practical side can be used in that way, like you say, not to fight. It is good for self control and for promoting peace. This is important for martial artists, to use their judgement.

  2. Push hands is not practiced in the Shaolin temple. It is a real technique, but it can be exaggerated in the movies!

Shifu_Hengxin24 karma

35th Generation refers to the lineage of the disciples from their teachers (shifus). My teachers were the 34th generation. It is not about children. Passing on kung fu from master to disciple.

The most interesting technique to me is the "Ground Fighting Techniques" - a form that practices a lot of jumps, sweeps and flips.

Shifu_Hengxin22 karma

Basically, one of the disciples of the Buddha was looking at the Buddha. But Buddha did not say a word to him. Only had a smile. The disciple understood the idea of chan meditation from that. This is pure wisdom. Pure understanding.

Understanding without saying so much.