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A moderator here for r/Kenshi, asking questions for those among the community who couldn't make it. :)

u/alfredo0634 asked: Is kenshi 2 supposed to be way before the 1st? What can we expect to see? As in world state, cars, giant robots, bigger cities, Etc

u/Aglorius3 asked: I saw that Kenshi may get moved to the newer engine. Is that true and is there an ETA? Will the new game have landscape and object LOD?

u/nectos asked: Will you allow modding to go further than FCS and let us do insane mods like Skyrim, Fallout 4?

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Your Fog Islands did well. My very first game in the new world ended only few minutes after it began, tied to a Fogman pole. xD

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Couple more questions from members of the Kenshi community who couldn't make it. :)

Asked by @BluBOo on Discord and u/NinjaGregory on r/Kenshi: "Will there be a terrain/height map editor for custom maps and/or map changes?"

Asked by @papaya on Discord: "Are there any things that you wanted to implement in K1 that you didn't have time for/the ability to implement that you are now carrying forward into K2?"

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Will there be bees in Kenshi 2? ;)