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Do you always check reddit comments here? I mean, if I have some questons in the future how could I connect with you?

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Thanks, and do you suggest me to learn German if I select mechanical engineering as my major....I'm quite confused now, some people told me that I'd better learn German if I want to step further on mechanical engineering and I'm not so good at absorbing new language.... At the same time, could you give me some info on biomedical engineering major(it's really interesting), but I'm afraid there's too much courses on anatomy or such stuffs

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Can I have majors/minors at different schools in UR?

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1)Do you have any plans about going to China for interviewing? 2)Can I select both ED and GEAR at the same time? 3)Do I need to pay extra tuition fees for extra courses? 4)Where can I find stuffs about internship on the website, and could you give me some details about OPT and CPT in Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Science? 5)When can I join internship? Are there any limits for international students?

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When will you come to China again? Has the schedule came up yet? My testing scores are not so satisfied, and I badly want to have a interview in order to enhance the chance that I can be a freshman in UR....