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She has zero hair. That includes eye lashes and eyebrows, legs, arms, head, nose hair, ears, vagina, and ass hair. I don't know the medical side of it, but my friend has alopecia and she's never brought that up as an issue.

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When she mentions competition, she is mentioning Epic Vs. Steam competing for her game. Steam's fee grew to 30% because their were no other store fronts available. Epic charges only a 12% fee. So Gwen makes more money through this competition by having a choice between the two. The competition benefit isn't from game to gamer, its for her. And that's a good thing!

Understand this may also make Steam's reduce its fee for indie devs, thus creating a better storefront for the Indie market. This will spur Epic to build a better storefront to better compete with Steam, so then Steam will need to improve, etc. They will need to be good in the customers (gamers) eyes and keep improving. Everything I said in this second paragraph is theoretical, but that's the idea of having competing store fronts.

Also, she has clearly stated in other comments that though hers is an "Epic Exclusive" it is also being released on consoles. She has stated that when a game is released on PS4, devs see an increase in sales on all store fronts. Valve has also allowed her to keep her game page on Steam so Steam players can put it on their Wishlist to wait for the Exclusive deal to run through so they can pay for it on Steam eventually. Epic has just paid for the first piece of the pie.

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they would fund the game if I signed on with their store exclusively.

She hired out contract work, hired a music composer, and obviously spent a long time on it herself, So... I'd assume that's the main reason. But I keep reading (though no confirmation) it is a timed exclusive and will eventually come to Steam.

She has also mentioned it is being released on Xbox, Switch, and the PS4. So when we say Epic Exclusive, it just means Exclusive for the PC. So props to Epic, their term for Exclusive is rather loose and they funded her game along with only taking 12% vs Steams 30%.

It's difficult to hope for more sales through Steam to make that big of an impact. That's a bet I wouldn't take.

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I think the best answer is because the other AMAs don't do as well.

There have been several AMAs that are around, people just don't care enough. One of the big reason this AMA got clicks was because of the word "Minecraft."

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"Op" typically refers to the "Original Poster" or the person who made the post. :). So she can refer to herself as her username or she is also "Op". I also like to think it shares the the other origin in gaming, She's "Over Powered" since she can delete and edit this post whereas we cannot.