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ShepardEG140 karma

Good afternoon, Todd Howard! Did you know that the new Custom Worlds mode is much less popular than Nuclear Winter itself? Is Bethesda ready to bring Nuclear Winter back to the game and its players while it's still possible?

ShepardEG11 karma

We're pretty passionate about giving our players tools to mod the games, and thus shifted our priorities to custom game worlds. More to come!

Why it was impossible to leave the Nuclear Winter mode for the players, because no effort has been invested in it in the last year and a half. Server support might not be a big problem if you use the same model as in custom worlds.

Many people just left game after Nuclear Winter shutdown. We know, you can still bring it back.

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you want endless grind scorchbeast queen, wendigo colossus and dailys ops? someone does not see the point in this, like you in a nuclear winter.