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ShaunXLikeMalcolm2 karma

If you're honest with yourself is the primary reason you're in this career at all $$$?

ShaunXLikeMalcolm-1 karma

It’s not true for everyone. Some people work primarily for a reason other than money. People suffer through years of struggling before becoming successful in more honorable careers. (Ie. chef, writer, artist) i say honorable because there is no honor in showing up to work in a building where u know the dollar comes before the patient. people like you and i (i work in healthcare too) (specifically a trauma environment) take the shortest path to the most money possible because we have lifestyle standards. I’m NOT attacking you here. I understand what you’re going through.I’m genuinely wondering if there’s anyone beside myself thats aware of this phenomena. The shift from the cubicle doesn’t negate the fact. Your career change has made you more valuable in the labor market. I’m guessing your cake tastes like debt just like the rest of us.