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Maybe you can help dispel a local myth. I've lived around my local northern UK canal all my life. Lived on board a narrowboat for years.

It is a locally held belief that if you fall into icy water, one should take a mouthful of that cold canal water as it will help to prevent shock.

This sounds like a load of bollocks to me! But the folk that perpetrate this myth are an old canal family & some are taken in by it.

Can you briefly debunk this please?

Well done with the work for the RNLI. I always donate and I have bequeathed money to them in my will.

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Do you own a George Foreman grill?

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Hi. Ex-full time busker here. Now a music teacher in schools & music lecturer in uni. Does the reduced use of cash effect your takings? Do you have a card reader? I've got zero regrets about busking. It is fantastic performance practice, teaches you voice projection & the value of hard work. The money gives you immediate feedback on how well you're doing. All the best, and may all your drops be paper money!