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Thank you. As a Lebanese Canadian, you have not disappointed me with your tone and commentary.

I hope you enjoy your stay in the country of my family and keep doing your best to fight misinformation and be a voice that will be heard by the West, because it's not easy for us sometimes.

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This answer is not related at all, assuming they meant similar psychology when they referred to similarities to a patent. But I guess that's not your field.

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Guys there are a million blogs about Leb food. If you want to hear from a white guy who went to Beirut just look up Anthony Bourdain or something lol let this man focus on politics.

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This is a good answer, but I'm also interested in hearing about what motivates you!

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Your ideology is the one suppressing people you maniac lol she is free in America to do what she wants, and that includes being a Muslim.

You are so dumb and blind