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Should we email all 435 members to give them some courage? I have time...

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Is the fight over? Is there anything else we should be doing as the public or is it out of our hands now (Since we've been heard! Hurrah!)

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Actually, that does speaks to the answer: anything you want.

3D printing allows you to make exactly what YOU want. I want completely custom jewelry that fits me perfectly, and is totally unique. My grandfather wants a hearing aid that fits his ear, Stony wants to create scale model trains , Kostika wants to make memes that you can hold. Medical researchers want to 3D print organs, scaffolding for implants, physicists want to stretch the possibilities of material capabilities..the list goes on

3D printing is already empowering small businesses - there's no tooling cost, no penalties for innovation and you can bring a product to market in minutes with zero risk. check it out

On a grander scale, 3D printing is heading towards being the Star Trek Replicator 101 - make what you want, when you want, in the material you want, in exactly the quantity you need.

It's fun living in the future. ;-)

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Thank you! Will do! And thank YOU GUYS for all the hard work over the past year! Also John Oliver. He rules.

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Actually @stonysmith is one of those helpful (and modest) people helping out out community every day! ;)