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I have learned that they NEED it

That's because it's impossible for them to understand a special level of hell even if they try which is why I personally think it's just easier not to talk about it. I get that the vast majority of people cannot comprehend such a situation or its lifelong effects, but still on some level I don't think one can help but feel diminished by the typical sympathetic responses.

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That's probably healthier than the alternative as well. Sure is a hell of a lot harder too though. But I don't think it's so much about minding your own business as it is more wanting to believe the "reasons" and excuses. I mean if it's not true how can you rationalize the life of a dirty kid living in squalor being scarred for life, it's just so much easier not to confront the elephant in the room.

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I think if money were removed from the equation the parties would no longer be able to function, at least not in their current state. The problem is that those who would need to pass such legislation are indebted to those who (can afford to) contribute the most to the coffers by way of PACs, lobbyists, businesses. So ultimately I think the problem is that the system has become the master. I honestly don't think it can be fixed at this point, only restructured into something that is able to function and not broken. Until we can find people willing to do that the status quo will continue, and we will keep hearing empty promises. Even those with the best intentions are unable to accomplish their goals within the system such as it is. But what do I know being an average working class individual, other than my bills keep getting higher while my income does not.