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Hey Chef! I’m a cook from the LA area and like many others a big fan of your work! Thank you for everything you have done. You are an inspiration

One big thing I see in the hospitality industry across the board is that a majority of people struggle with mental health. I have struggled with anxiety and depression most of my life and have been able to get some help. I also try to encourage my fellow cooks to do the same and to not be afraid of reaching out to someone. I often read posts over at /r/kitchenconfidential about cooks looking for help or have lost friends and family due to mental health issues.

My question is, what changes would you make to this industry as a whole in order to improve mental health among all employees in the hospitality industry?

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Go to small grocery stores or dollar stores. I often get supplies from there. I also don’t have a lot of money. Not everything has to be from a big named brand

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I’m a cook who wants to get more into tech so this post is quality!