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Is hair pretty much the best thing to draw ever?


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That's some nice skin you've got there. Are you using it, orrrrr....?

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Ah, you mean Pennsyltucky? The place where the last time I drove a couple hours in I encountered four separate confederate flags hanging from people's houses on state highways... well north of the Mason-Dixon line?

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Most of the Old Norse writing I'm familiar with is from the time of runestones, and I am curious as to when the use of paper came into vogue. Was this concurrent with the age of runestones at all? And if so was the limited use of paper simply for economic reasons?

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Let me preface this question by saying I only occasionally play MMOs; I find that the preconstructed nature of the majority of them, with fetch quests and a set storyline sort of bore me. More open games like the late Star Wars Galaxies which provide more non-combat options and have more player-driven economies are a step up. However for the most bang for my multiplayer buck I still prefer oldschool MUDs. The level of control the community has is still unmatched.

TO THAT END, Actual Question: Do you see any trends that MMOs may be moving towards more player-created content ala Steam Workshop style contributions and player-driven stories based on roleplay? EVE Online is the biggest notable title for the latter, but I find it odd that more MMOs aren't encouraging more content creation from their players in the form of limited SDKs.