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Shady7s215 karma

Hey Notch! Kind of a pretty big question, but I have been wanting to ask you forever, but I have never been able to really get it to you! Hopefully you can answer!

I am wondering, did you have a planned end for the game? I believe when you left the lead developer position, was when the End was released (Correct me if I am wrong :o). Was this your ending of Minecraft, and you gave it over to Jeb to further add to the game? Basically what I am asking is did you have a set End to the game from day 1, like adding Endermen, and the Dragon, or was it an update to update sort of thing?

Another question (If you have time to answer!); Did the players influence how the game was developed? I am interested in the Update-to-Update style that Minecraft has, so I am wondering if how players react to that update kind of determines the next update, or what will be added in future updates, or was it like I said above, you had a sort of set thing?

Hopefully my questions are not too long, or too confusing! It is 4:30AM, and I have stayed up all night just to ask you this! Before I go, I just want to thank you for creating this game. It has really dove deep into my creativity, which I greatly thank you for!