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Hello! How do you put in your resume the various contracts you have done, without the resume looking like you quit a job every 3 months?

By this I mean, as a freelancer, I put in the various contracts as separate jobs: Company A (Feb 2016 to May 2016), Company B ( June 2016 - September 2016) and so on, instead of saying Independent Contractor (2015-2019) followed by the Company A and Company B as dot points, but I have been informed by friends that this may put off any recruiter??? What has been your experience in resume writing?

I work as a social media manager freelancer in the TV/Film industry and evemts industry, so contracts averages 3 months in length in my small city.

And from one dog lover to another, hi Ellie!! Dogs are the best anti anxiety mechanism, especially when being a freelancer is such a high anxiety work system... I dread the job search moments after a contract finishes.

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I can no longer afford to be a free freelancer this year so I have to start going for full time work, at least to be able to finance myself for a while. I'll give your resume method a shot, thanks!

A sales funnel that I can work on every day... that'd be a perfect support for freelancing. Going to wrack my brain and Google for this. Not sure how to produce a sales funnel in film/TV industry, other than film video reviews or film news blogs combined with Patreon. Not skilled nor qualified for either of that. Hmmm... will try and find something, cheers!

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Cheers, man, for all your help!!

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Search for local Facebook groups where small business owners put out calls for recruitments and contracts.

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Some do; although yes recommendations and good word of mouth is mainly the way. However as of this year, I can no longer afford to be a free freelancer financially, so gotta have to try for full time work in media companies.