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no, he's referring to OP's incomplete paraplegia

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What situation from your COPS career do you remember most vividly?

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I am the liquor.

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What are all the things off the menu you can order? Or special add ons?

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the glass pipe market has seemingly exploded in both size and pricing. I think we can agree much of this can be attributed to marijuana slowly being legalized state by state, and without a doubt, the insane profitablility of BHO/full melt/etc. This explosion has led to a number of trends I have noticed over the years I'd love to get your opinion on

  1. does it ever frustrate you the disconnect the average (even ones with a $100k plus collection) collector has between 'pipe art' (i will also include marbles, and pendants in this, just because it is usually the only 'non functional' art they have in my experience) and fine art? I am often frustrated by the lack of knowledge, or care, many collectors have for fine art, and envision this being one of the main factors stopping pipe artists from ever crossing into the 'fine art mainstream' (being a functional object, this is quite a tricky feat regardless, but I don't see much changing soon).

  2. With the stock market crashing earlier today, I have been thinking about the real profitability of glass investments. It is something that takes some real finesse. Do you see the scene (by 'scene', I mean the 'it' pipe artists, i think the average glassblower will always wallow in the 'im making a tool primarily just for smoking', and be paid accordingly) sustaining itself, and becoming more vouge (and thus expensive)? How long do you imagine? There seems to be a really fine line still even in today's scene where older work goes for cheap because it isn't a rig, etc.

  3. If the scene never really does integrate into the world of fine art, am I the only one who thinks it is something rather hilarious and amazing that there could people buying and selling 100k art pipes in a community totally separate from the trends of fine art?

sorry for the wall of text. thanks for the ama.