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Hi Jacob! Thank you so much for doing this, such a big fan of you and Planet Money!!

Another one of my favorite podcasts is Startup by Alex Blumberg. Season 1 was a raw account of him leaving NPR to start a for-profit company, largely inspired by his experience with Planet Money and the t-shirt project. Fast forward a few years and Gimlet sells to Spotify for hundreds of millions. Alex is ostensibly much more well off than he would've been in non-for-profit radio.

How was it when he left? Did he offer early positions in Gimlet to you or other Planet Money colleagues? Do you regret not getting into Gimlet at the ground floor? And more generally, do you think operating as a for-profit company contorts the mission of radio journalism?

Thank you again and looking forward to your book!

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How do you communicate with the outside world? How do you have the internet to talk to us or blog?