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Sh00terMcDabbin64 karma

With the negative coverage of Boeing in recent months, what is your opinion on built quality in comparison to Airbus? I am in no way an expert whatsoever and this is purely anecdotal and could be very well biased given that I am an American, but most pilots I have talked to say that Boeing still delivers a more quality product all around. I am interested in what someone who knows both companies believes.

Also, do you see an end to the duopoly of Airbus/Boeing in the future?

Sh00terMcDabbin19 karma

Do you see Airbus eventually overtaking Boeing? As you said, it is more tech centric, and with technology and AI advancing could we see that tech edge making the better plane in the long run?

Sh00terMcDabbin5 karma

I would just like to point out that if this is such an issue, why are the 1% gaining more and more percentage of the US’s total wealth while the middle class is shrinking?

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They have nothing to put in because they are being used to produce for the 1% and have just enough to get by and maybe a few comforts or the ability to save a little.

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I mean 4500 guns isn’t really that many and 5 million rounds also isn’t a crazy amount either. It was probably a very minuscule amount of the budget.