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It wouldn't be the first time it happened either :)

Mission Impossible - Lindsey Stirling and the Piano Guys http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDsfou6UfjU

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Nothing involving rockets is that simple, but when attainable, simplicity is good. We would also hire that kid if you could point him or her out to us :)

You've probably heard the old "you can do that in Kerbal Space Program" quote all the time but this time it's super relevant. There is a modification to the game that allows a user to program entire functions of the craft called kOS or Kerbal Operating System. There are a reasonable number of people literally programming complex maneuvers and the like into a game that fit what you're looking for!

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People weren't keen on orbital nuclear reactors. Fear of mission failure and corresponding unplanned reentry of highly radioactive material. At least that was what they were concerned about.

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This is wonderful! if you come back and answer more, I would love to know how the "enemy" was viewed by you? Were they dehumanized to you in order to help you do your job, or did you actively think that they were in your shoes, just on the other side of the line? Thanks to you all for the AMA!

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Keep watching, part of good writing hides the plot lines in order to give the viewer a sense of payoff when they figure a plot point out.