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Doesnt that pose an issue though? That a prophet that is supposed to be the "perfect" human being that was tasked to bring a timeless message to all of humanity married a 9 year old simply because it was socially acceptable for that time? You'd think he'd set a new standard to usher in a new era of respect for women.

Edit: That may have come off as aggressive but I was merely trying to raise a point to start a discussion on what you think. No animosity here.

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Thanks for your response.

Are you implying that the word of a diety, especially that of Allah, is subject to change with the times? That's inherantly anti-Islam from what I know.

But my point is that why would an all knowing diety advocate for such a things like stoning or characterizing gays as abominations? I felt he should have known better.

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Mohammad wasnt just a leader according to Muslims. He was a divinely inspired messenger delivering a message from God. Again, I'm arguing based on the premises of Islam. What God commanded would have been obeyed.

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