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Hello Crabmeatz, we are so happy to have found you on reddit! I see that you are subscribed to shittyISP's shitty broadband service, would you like to upgrade to a shitty TV/internet package for only 1500 dollars a month?

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Tokenization sounds a lot like electronic bartering? Is the basic idea?

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Oh interesting. Thanks for responding! Sorry, I hardly know anything about finance. So the investor would assume the risk, but also a potential profit share of the player's career? So is fractionalization a type of futures contract? Is this is mostly a way to bridge the gap between cryptos and traditional investment portfolios?

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Hello Bishop,

The problem of evil is my greatest struggle. The idea that darkness is simply the absence of light is a cop-out when considering an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent God. And do you ever feel weird physically shutting God in a box at the end of mass?

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Hi! Thanks for answering questions, this has been an interesting read. I was wondering if there is any actual research on links between cellphone/laptop use and cancer. Could you point me in a good direction?