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Thank you for posting, and I am so glad you are okay.

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Fun fact about that painting, actually. In the time this was made painters weren't allowed to show pubic hair or they'd be killed (it was considered pornography), so that's why this lady has no pubes! Cheating the system.

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This is great advice. Look for 2-year associate's degrees or certificates, but don't become a certified nurse aide!

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Ira, I love your show!! I heard your interview about the Higgs-like particle, and you did an amazing job of asking the right questions so laypeople like me could understand it on a basic level. My question is:

What is one scientific concept or idea that you haven't been able to wrap your head around in an interview, or it took such a long time for you to understand?

Thanks so much! :)

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Getting right down to brass tacks here, I like it.