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NASA employee here - we are not getting paid.

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EMT here. That is my worst nightmare and I truly hope I never have a call like that - I think it would ruin me. It’s bad enough treating a poor kiddo with a broken arm.

Edit: I should emphasize how bizarre and shocking a statement that would be in EMS. We have dark humor to deal with stuff, but I cannot imagine anyone ever saying such a thing. It would definitely be a disturbing thing to hear.

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Well, I for one am tired of my livelihood being used for political brinksmanship. I’m also tired of the propensity for right wing politicians to denigrate civil servants and our efforts.

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I had a call not too long ago for “two children hurt by a train.” When we get the initial dispatch, it’s often that vague (usually we get more details en route to the scene). I was thinking to myself, “oh shit, this is gonna be bad.” It ended up being two teenagers playing on a parked train and one fell off and broke his ankle, so that was a “relief.” But still, I always get more apprehensive for pediatric calls. The emotion just runs so much higher.

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Thanks. I can miss a paycheck or two. After that, shit's gonna get dicey.