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If the lawsuit between Billy Mitchell and Twin Galaxies has a favorable outcome toward Twin Galaxies, and it's looking very much like it will, given the evidence that Billy Mitchell lied about his scores, will Guinness withdraw the scores again?

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Evidence has emerged, don't worry.

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You can pay us a handsome fee for a staff-engagement day or to have an adjudicator visit your factory to assess a widget but there's no guarantee that this will result in a record.

This is like how I can hire an escort, take her out for a nice dinner, but she's going to fuck me because I'm charming and suave, not because my wallet is full.

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If they're giving deflecting answers, it's not unreasonable that they get called out for it.

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Donkey Kong.

He's currently involved in a lawsuit with Twin Galaxies over the removal of his scores, ones that Guinness still recognizes. There's ample proof of his deception available on YouTube, if you search for Karl Jobst's channel he goes into great detail on the Billy Mitchell situation as he's also being sued by Mitchell.